Please help me identify the role of cell division in growth, repair and reproduction in multicellular organisms. 

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Cell division is generally a process where is division of cells occurs. A parent cell, at its maturity, divides to form two daughter cells. This phenomenon happens to all living organisms which are apparently connected to growth, repair, and reproduction of organisms. 

Growth - as the organisms grow, cells multiply to form other cells that will support the structural development in the organisms. For example, in fertilization of sperm and egg cell, the blastocyst continues to form cells through series of cell division until it grows into a fetus. Along with the cell division is the differentiation of cells that give rise to the formation of body parts and organs.

Repair - cell division plays a role in assisting the renewal and repair of cells in the body of multicellular organisms. Cells that die from a normal wear and tear or accidents are replaced by new cells coming from the cell division. 

Reproduction - Organisms have the capability to reproduce and it happens through cell divisions. For single cells organisms, cell division primarily means reproduction. For multicellular organisms, most have sex cells that may be used to reproduce and grow. Those reproductive cells are produced in the body through series of cell division. For example in humans, we have sperm cell for males and egg cells for females. Both of the cells are haploid cells in which when they unite forms a diploid cell.

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