Please help me give criticism to "Dr. Faustus". after you read the play "Dr. Faustus", what is your critic toward everything in "Dr. Faustus". thanks

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In such a short space a full critic of everything in Faustus is a big question! However this Renaissance tragedy shows a man of learning who is destroyed by his selling his soul for great knowledge. Perhaps one element of the tragedy is how little he does once he otains the supposed right to total knowledge, his asks are few and he is easily diverted. The play is either seen as evidence of the athiesm of Marlowe 'this word damnation terrifies not me,' or as a Christian text in which messing about with the devil leads to damnation and purgatory.

The play follows a pattern of plays in which Marlowe presents us with one male protagonist who falls to his doom, it is his best play and shows his development as a writer, it also gives him a 'foil' in Mephistophiles - however the other characters are at best stock characters and are easily forgotten.

The play is an intense one when seen on stage, dark and forbidding. It shows the concerns in Elizabethan society with meddling with forbidden knowledge, remember Elizabeth employed a 'magician' called Dr Dee.


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