September 11th Attacks Questions and Answers

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Where can I find evidence that shows Bin Laden claiming his responsability for the terrorist attacks of 9/11, as I need it for university research.

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I think that you are probably going to focus on the video that was released in 2004.  In this video, Bin Laden speaks about his own affirmation of the September 11 attacks and how America can expect more of these styles of attacks if America does not change its attitudes and policies.  The video is one in which he purports to speak to the American public, indicating that the political election of that year is almost irrelevant to his desires in plotting another attack.  In this video, Bin Laden argues that "Kerry or Bush" cannot stop what will happen if the attitudes and policies of America do not change.  This is probably going to be the strongest piece of video you are going to find in which Bin Laden accepts and embraces his role in the attacks of September 11.  It is this video where he praises the hijackers of the four planes, lauding them in the highest of terms.  This is the video where he names Manhattan by name and uses this as the fundamental frame of reference as he invokes the September 11 attacks.  It is this video that many pointed to as clear and unambiguous evidence linking Bin Laden to the attacks of that day.

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