Please help me to write a paragraph about natural disasters.

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A single paragraph about natural disasters could go in any direction. The key to the single paragraph is to make sure the paragraph stays on a single topic. Don't start talking about financial repercussions of natural disasters only to end the paragraph by talking about preventative measures. A paragraph is a unified "chunk" of information.

I would also consider your reading audience. Who are you writing to? That might determine the direction of your paragraph because you are forced to think about what information that reader needs. Is your reader someone that is clueless as to what a natural disaster is? In that case, the paragraph is going to focus on defining what a natural disaster is and how it is different from other disasters that cause large amounts of damage or loss of life. Perhaps your paragraph is trying to convince your reader that certain types of natural disasters are worse than others. This changes the goal of the paragraph from informing to persuading. The paragraph is still going to be informative, but it will be informing the reader about facts and data that support the initial argument.

Finally, start your paragraph with a topic sentence that doubles as a "hook." It needs to grab reader attention in order to motivate your reader to keep reading. A good way to do this is to ask your reader a question. You could also open with a quote about natural disasters or some kind of amazing statistic about them.

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In order to write about natural disasters, you must decide what your focus is going to be.  What is it about natural disasters that you are going to convey to your audience?  You could talk about the causes of a type of natural disaster:  why do tornadoes form?  how do they cause the damage that they do?  what can be done to protect oneself and ones property in the a face of a tornado.  You could ask yourself and then answer those types of questions for any kind of natural disaster. 

You could write your essay about the financial reprecussions of natural disasters -- for the individual, for businesses, for insurance companies, and for the government of the area affected.

You could write your essay about why people choose to live in areas that are especially susceptible to natural disasters.  Why do people live near known fault lines?  Why do people live in areas known to flood regularly?  Why do people live where hurricane's are a regular threat?

A good paragraph should have a topic sentence that makes the subject of the paragraph clear, and then the body of the paragraph should provide the examples and explanation of the examples to help show what ever it is that the paragraph is trying to prove.

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