How would I decribe the personality of Katniss in Mockingjay?

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Katniss is a rather complicated character in this last novel of the trilogy. Perhaps we can best see the various aspects of her character by thinking about how she feels at the beginning of this novel as she contemplates her old home of District 12, which has now been razed to the ground courtesy of President Snow. Note how her guilt is presented to us in the following lines:

I stick to the road out of habit, but it's a bad choice, because it's full of the remains of those who tried to flee. Some were incinerated entirely. But others, probably overcome with smoke, escaped the worst of the flames and now lie reeking in various states of decomposition, carrion for scavengers, blanketed by flies. I killed you, I think as I passed a pile. And you. And you.

Katniss is therefore a character who feels that her home and all of her old friends have been destroyed thanks to her actions. But at the same time, alongside this guilt that she feels, she is also aware that the destruction of her old home is the result of a decision that President Snow has made. As a result, she is full of anger against him and his totalitarian power that prevents freedom from being experienced in her world. Therefore it is important to realise the conflicting emotions that rage in Katniss as this third novel of the tragedy begins.


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