Please help me conclude my Great Gatsby essaySo I wrote an essay about the immoral characters and discuss Tom, Daisy and Gatsby. This is my second last paragraph before I need a conclusion: Other...

Please help me conclude my Great Gatsby essay

So I wrote an essay about the immoral characters and discuss Tom, Daisy and Gatsby. This is my second last paragraph before I need a conclusion:

Other notable immoral characters are Myrtle Wilson who is cheating on her husband George, Meyer Wolfsheim who is responsible for “fixing” a World Series, Jordan Baker, a professional golfer who cheated in order to win a tournament and George Wilson, who murders Gatsby.


Now I just need to conclude the whole essay. Thanks in advance!

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I've never been a fan of just throwing in other examples, in this case more immortal characters. You can use this in your conclusion perhaps. I suggest you commit an entire paragraph to each of the other characters though. Don't forget quotes!
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The first step after the paragraph you write is probably a transition.  In other words, you need a transition back to the characters you write about in the bulk of the essay, or you need a transition to exactly what you want to conclude with.  Remember that a conclusion should be more than a restatement of your thesis or a summary of what you've already written.  Try to bring out something new, while at the same time reminding readers of the points you've made. 

Numerous possibilities exist concerning the next direction you can take your essay.  You could use a comparisan or contrast between these new four and the original three, for example.  You could explain why you chose the three you did instead of these four.  You could conclude what the author reveals about the twenties or human existence by the use of these seven.  The possiblilities abound. 

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How's this?


Nick Caraway desires to find a moral centre in his life and being around these people does not create one for him. The world that the eyes of Doctor T J Eckleburg look down upon is one without honesty, morality and meaning. It is a cruel world where dreams are shattered and undeserving people get what they want while the rest fade into obscurity.


Tom and Daisy are a portrait of the immoral society of 1920’s America. Nick concludes that they are careless and uncaring people who destroy people and things and use their money as a means of protection from anything negative. He tells Gatsby that he is “worth the whole bunch put together” which although true, is not saying much. The society depicted in The Great Gatsby is definitely one devoid of morals, values and good intentions all round.