Comment on the reaction of the other principal characters to Macbeth's behavior in Act III, scene 4.

Expert Answers
rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The thanes and other nobles who have gathered at his table are shaken by Macbeth's strange behavior, as they, of course, do not see the vision of Banquo's ghost that he sees. Lennox tries to get him to take the seat that "Banquo" has filled, and asks Macbeth "what moves" him. Ross suggests that they all leave, since "his Higness is not well." Lady Macbeth persuades them that his strange behavior is normal for him, an affliction that occurs quite regularly. They leave after his behavior continues, with Lennox hoping that "better health" will "attend his Majesty." Lady Macbeth reproaches him for his behavior, and claims he probably just needs sleep. But the other guests, in short, really don't seem to know what to make of Macbeth's behavior.