Please help me combine each of the following sentences into one sentence, the sentecne should have one independent clause. 1. Emily was a student at Standford University. Emily was in the library. Emily was working on her dissertation. the dissertation was for her doctoral degree. Emily noticed something. Emily's fiance was sitting with her best friend. robert was Emily's best friend.robert and nataile were sitting in a dark corner. Robert and Nataile were holding hands. 2. Robert was a graduate student. He was a student at Standford University.he was emily's fiance. He was extremely embrassed. He felt terrible. emily saw him doing something.he was sitting in the library. He was siiting with nataile. He and Nataile were siiting in a dark corner. He and Nataile were holding hand. He hurt emily's feeling. He lost Emily's trust. 3.please decribe the picture containing only one independent clause.who is doing what and why they doing it. try to capture the detailes, the setting, the action, the emotion. please write as possible words as you can.

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Here are the combined sentences:

Emily was a student working on her doctoral dissertation at the Standford University library when she noticed her fiancé, Robert, sitting in a dark corner holding hands with her best friend, Natalie.

Robert, Emily’s fiancé and a graduate Student at Stanford University, was extremely embarrassed and he felt terrible that Emily saw him sitting with Natalie in a dark corner because he hurt Emily’s feelings and lost her trust.

Emily’s bad temper got the best of her after realizing that Robert cheated on her, so she ran after Robert, beat him up, and slammed him down the library stairs.

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