Try to tell me the seven elements that norval used in his picture.

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James Kelley eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Are you asking about Norval Morrisseau? And, if so, do you have a specific illustration in mind? If you give a few details, I'm sure that you'll get much better answers.

If you do mean Norval Morrisseau, the odds are that the picture incorporates imagery of indigenous peoples of the Americans, from styles taken from Mayan artwork (see the left central panel of the illustration at the link below) to what looks most like Native American art of the Pacific Northwest (see the raven and canoe images in the central panel). With this combination, this particular work of art seems, like many of the other pieces by this artist, to seek to create a sort of pan-Indianism across what are now called Central and North America.

mkcapen1 | Student

The seven elements in art are value, space, shape, color, line, form, and texture.

Norval uses bold lines.

He sets his space so his figures are usually two dimensional.

He uses bright vivid colors.

The values of the colors are strong and bold.

The shapes are usually curvaceous.

His textures fluctuate but normally are raised enough to provide a two dimensional affect.

His forms are not geometric but are two dimensional usually.

Norval works are mostly relative to the Indian culture.  He tries to express the joy of being a part of his culture through his use of bright bold colors.  He is considered to be one of the best artists in Canada.  He is often compared to Picasso, but his style is not as geometrically aligned.


mkcapen1 | Student

 Spirit Fish is a vivid representation of a modern style symbolism.  Jean Baptiste Normand Henri Morrisseau was an artist who used the symbols of the earth in his work.  He is a contemporary aboriginal artist.  He used his art to bring awareness to the beauty of his culture.  In regards to the elements:

1.) Color-His fish is vivid with a wide color palette.

Value-He used rich bright colors.

Line-He uses dark bold lines that curve.  They outline the colors making them seem more vivid.

Space-He uses a lighter background to allow the fish to appear to be on top of the background.

Value-The painting is all solid and so the value is strong.

Texture- The fish is two dimensional.

Form-The form is also two dimensional giving the fish a look that allows the viewer to move around it and it appears as if it is slightly elevated off of the camera.

2)  The symbol of the fish represeents the journey of life.

3)  You have to give your own opinion here. 

4.) The picture appears to be a fish with movement and strength within.  Its colors are vibrant and happy.  It indicates to me the joy of the journey of life.


mirnaguirguis | Student

i am doing on norval morrisseau on the picture of spirit fish

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