Please help!  Factor this problem: 1- 16y + 64y^2 To the simplest from I'd like this answer as soon as possible. Please help me Remeber: it must be in the simples form. Thank you! :)

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Factor `1-16y+64y^2` :

There are special forms that you should strive to memorize. In this case we have the square of a binomial. Any time you have a trinomial whose first and last terms (assuming it is in standard form) are squares, you should suspect a square of a binomial form.


Here a=1 and b=8y



So `1-16y+64y^2=(1-8y)^2=(1-8y)(1-8y)`


If you don't recognize the special form, you can try to find two numbers p and q whose product is 64 and whose sum is -16. It is clear that both numbers will be -8 as (-8)(-8)=64 and (-8)+(-8)=-16

Then `1-16y+64y^2=1-8y-8y+64y^2`


`=(1-8y)(1-8y)` as before.

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