Please give specific examples (with quotes) showing Trujillo's control of the church in In the Time of the Butterflies.

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You might want to take a look at Chapter Ten, written from the perspective of Patria, which contains lots of information about the church and how it tries to join the people in opposing the brutality of the Trujillo regime. Finally, the church decided that it had to take a stand against the torture, the disappearances, and the oppression that had characterised Trujillo's regime up until that point. As the church does this, and Patria is in church giving thanks, she notes how many more people flock into the church as the rumour spreads, not all of them friendly:

With each service, the rumour spread, and the crowds grew. People kept coming back, mass after mass. Undercover agents also started showing up. We could spot them easily. They were the ones who knelt with their butts propped on the pew seats and looked about during the consecration. I caught sight of Pena in the back of the church, no doubt taking note of repeaters like me.

Thus it is that Trujillo seeks to control the church through the use of informers and undercover agents. We are also told how Trujillo uses violence, as his attempt to assassinate the archbishop shows. Likewise, Patria reports how obviously the government had organised for a group of prostitutes to enter the church during mass and try and disrupt their worship. All of these techniques show Trujillo's attempts to control the church.

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