Please give a quote with a pun in it from "Much Ado About Mothing".

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"Claudio: Now you talk of a sheet of paper, I remember a pretty jest your daughter told us of.

Leonato: O, when she had writ it and was reading it over, she found Benedick and Beatrice between the sheet.

The word sheet is used to refer to a piece of paper and used to refer to a  bed sheet, with an innuendo placed in between about Beatrice and Benedick.

luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From Act 1, sc. 1, when Benedick and Beatrice are exchanging insults, one example of a pun is: "What my dear Lady Disdain!  Are you yet living?" spoken by Benedick to Beatrice.  He uses the word "disdain" both as a name for Beatrice and as a description of her attitude toward him.  She shows him scorn, or disdain.

wanderista | Student

Much Ado About Nothing is a classic Shakespearean comedy, and vast amount of puns, or play on words, can be found all throughout the play. 

A pun can be found in the opening scene when Beatrice refers to Benedick as "Signior Mountanto" (Act 1, Scene 1). Mountanto refers to "montanto," which is a term associated in fencing to an upward thrust. Beatrice is implying, therefore, that Benedick has bad fencing skills.

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