Please give a paragraph for each of the stories: The Cyclops and The Sirens, paraphrasing the stories.

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mstultz72 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Episode IX of The Odyssey, Odysseus and his men reach the Island of the Cyclopses.  The men enter the cave of Polyphemus, who rolls a boulder to cover the exit.  Odysseus and the men expect to be treated as guests, but Polyphemus says that he has no law and does not honor Greek customs.  The giant proceeds to eat many men before Odysseus, telling him his name is "No Man," conceives a plan to get him intoxicated with wine.  After Polyphemus falls asleep, the men sharpen a large stake and bore into his one eye.  Blinded, the giant moves the boulder to call to his brothers, "No Man has blinded me!"  Meanwhile the men tie themselves under the giant's sheep to escape.  Once outside, Odysseus makes the mistake of revealing his name to Polyphemus, who calls Poseidon, his father, to avenge him and punish Odysseus of Ithaca.

In Episode XII, Odysseus is told that he must sail past the Sirens, sea nymphs whose haunting songs promise infinite knowledge, but they are a trap to lure men to their deaths.  Odysseus tells him men to put wax in their ears and tie him to the mast of the ship.  Then men obey, and Odysseus weeps and cries to home when he hears their enchanting melodies.  His fate is to hear their song so that he will long for Ithaca.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For the cyclops:

Odysseus and his men came to the island of the cyclopes.  They went into the cave of Polyphemus and he caught them there.  He killed and ate some of the men.  Odysseus got him drunk and stabbed his eye out.  The men escaped from the cave by hiding under the bellies of the sheep as they went out in the morning.

For the sirens:

Odysseus and his men had to sail by the island of the sirens.  Any man who heard the sirens' song would go to them and be killed.  Odysseus plugged his men's ears with wax so they wouldn't hear.  He had them tie him to the mast so he couldn't get away.  When the singing was no longer audible, they untied him.