Please,give one or two programmes using do...while loop in c++?          

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crmhaske eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A do while loop in C++ is a block of code that executes so long as the condition of the do while are being met.  Once they cease to be met, the program exits the loop.  For instance (in plain English):

do count while count is less than twenty

In C++ this would look like:

int count=0;

do {
count ++;
} while (count<20);

satavisha | Student

Here is a program on interest calculation using do while loop



float cal (float amt, int year, float rate=15);

void prn (char c='*');

void main ()



float amount, interest;

int year;

cout<<"Enter the amount on which interest has to be calculated: -";


cout<<"Enter the number of years: -";


interest=cal (amount, year);

prn ();

cout<<"The interest on-"<<amount<<"-for the period of-"<<year<<" years would be"<<interest<<endl;

prn ('-');

getch ();


float cal (float amt, int year, float rate)


int i;

float sum=amt;




sum=sum * (1+ (rate/100));



return sum-amt;


void prn (char c)


for (int i=0; i<40; i++)