I need help with writing a theme statement for The House on Mango Street. I have come up with two that my teacher disapproved because they are too weak and general. "Hardships and negative experiences in life can make a person become stronger." "Obstacles can make a person fall into despair and stop trying." I don't know how to improve them.  Please give me examples for a STRONG theme statement.

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Aside from the awesome posts before this one, think about what is the obstacle in the novel that could have made Esperanza quit. The obstacle was communication, namely, how her lack of English skills made her and her family quite powerless. However, once she learns the language, she gains back her power because she is in control of the strongest weapon that can make or break human relationships: communication. 

So, for your essay, just name the obstacle for what it really is so that it is no longer considered "too general."

It would begin with

Lacking the power of communication

Then, add what is the result of lacking the power of communication. It should read:

Lacking the power of communication disempowers and disenfranchises immigrants, such as Esperanza.

Then, complete the thought by stating either a solution or a closure to this situation. It could read: 

Lacking the power of communication disempowers/disenfranchises immigrants such as Esperanza. Gaining control of the language will bring...

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