Robert Louis Stevenson

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please give me the linewise explanation of the poem "The Vagabond" by Robert Louis Stevenson.

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A Vagabond is a wanderer.  Some people call them tramps, but they like to travel the roads, never settling anywhere.  This is important to understand if you want to understand this poem. I  have given the meaning of every two lines.

 Give me the life I love /Let the lave go by me

Means: Give me the kind of life I love to live and let the rest of the world pass me by.

 Give the jolly heaven above/And the byway nigh me

Means:  Give me the great outdoors where I can see the heavens, and give me the road beside me to travel.

 Bed in the bush with stars to see/Bread to dip in the river

Means:  Give me a bed outdoors where I can see the stars, and bread (may be stale) that I can dip in the river

 There’s the life for a man like me/There’s the life forever.

Means: That is that type of life I want forever.

 Let the blow fall soon or late,/Let what will be o’er me

Means:  It doesn’t’ matter when I die, earlier or later.  Whatever will be, will be.

 Give the face of earth around/And the road before me.

Means: Give me the earth, the great outdoors, around me everywhere, and the road before me to travel.

 Wealth I seek not, hope nor love/Nor a friend to know me.

Means:  I don’t need money, love, or even friends.

 All I seek is the heavens above/And the road below me.

Means; All I want is the great outdoors and the road to travel.

 Or let autumn fall on me/Where afield I linger

Means:  Let the leaves of autumn fall on me wherever I may have stopped at that time

 Silencing the bird on tree/Biting the blue finger

Means: As autumn changes to winter, the birds disappear, preparing for winter

 White as meal the frosty field/Warm the fireside haven

Meaning:  And when the fields are covered with snow, I will have a fireside shelter outdoors.

 Not to autumn will I yield/Not to winter even!

Meaning:  I will not allow autumn and winter to force me indoors.


The last stanza is the same as the second stanza.

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