Please give me suggestions about how to improve this analysis.  3rd Rock from the Sun revolves around four main characters as they interface problems regarding human conditions. There is the selfish high commander Dick (John Lithgow), the strong female lieutenant Sally (Kristen Johnston), the wise information officer Tommy (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who is disguised as a teenager and lastly, the transmitter (Harry) who’s with them because they had an extra seat in the spaceship. The main actors are also surrounded by all the other characters that are excellently portrayed by the actors and are realistic and engaging.   The episode Moby Dick focuses upon Dick’s and Tommy’s interpersonal relationships and the problems resulting from that they deal with by emotional eating. After Dick and Dr. Albright’s relationship came to an end, Dick’s eating habits changed as he began eating a significant amount of food. As Dick’s notices that he has gained so much weight, he begins dieting, exercising and attending support groups until he realizes that he has been, “ filling an emotion void with food” to compensate missing Marry. Sally has got a tomato plant from Mrs. Dubcet and starts talking to it and even gives it a name. Tommy thinks that August might be cheating on him so he hires a crime novel buff Harry to be his private eye.  The show mostly focuses on Dick and Tommy as they both encounter relationship problems that they attempt to resolve with food. 

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I think that the first paragraph is probably needed if it meets a standard of the assignment or task.  I think that the last sentence of the first paragraph needs to be reworded or eliminated so that it does not sound so much as unsubstantiated opinion.  At the same time, I think that the second paragraph is where the strength of the analysis lies.  I would focus in on the basic element that is hammered out in that the episode focuses on the link between eating habits and emotional conditions.  The sentence about the tomato plant might detract from this.  I think that being able to focus on how the episode details the link between emotions and food consumption is where the strength of the paragraph lies.  I would focus here and place emphasis on these points as I develop the paragraph.  I understand that there is a need to summarize the episode.  Yet, in analyzing the episode's message and theme, it becomes critical to ensure that there is constant discussion of the link between food consumption and emotional states of being.  In assessing the paragraph, I believe that this is an area that has to be fully addressed as early and as often as possible in this essay.

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