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Please give me suggestions about how to improve this essay. Window covering and direction are two important features in making a house more energy-efficient. Due to Alice Spring extreme climate, the window direction was chosen to be south rather than north to capture little direct sunlight.  Awnings for window covering were also added to block sunlight and prevent house from heating up to acquire an energy efficient house. If window covering were excluded, heat will be transmitted by radiation which will decrease the energy-efficiency of the house as power appliances will be needed. Therefore, window positions and window covering does have an impact when making a house energy efficient.  

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This is an important topic. In order to make it a better essay, consider the following. 

First, make sure that you have a clear thesis statement and have a road map of where your essay is going, so that the reader will know what to expect. 

Second, put in some research on how much money will be saved by considering the window direction and window coverings. Hard data is probably the best way to make your point. The facts are the fact, as they say.

Finally, situate your paper in the context of the need for energy conservation. This can make your point very urgent and applicable for your readers. I will add a link on alternative energy, which can give you some further insights.  

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