How do I conclude an essay in which my thesis is that God wants his people to enjoy sex so long as they do so in the proper context?  See below for more. The essay is based on I Corinthians 7:2-5. I focused my thesis on the idea that people often feel that Christianity is opposed to sex and these versus proves that God wants his people to enjoy sex so long as they do so in the proper context etc. - could someone help me out please with some tips to go along with my thesis to do a good conclusion please? 

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That is not what these verses say. Look one line above at 1 Cor 7:1 and Paul says quite simply that it is best to be celibate. He even advocates that in marriage, sexual activity is only necessary if the alternative is a forbidden act (masturbation, adultery, fornication).

If you want to argue that enjoyment of sexual activity is permissible for Christians, you'll need to argue against Paul, not with him, e.g. by pointing out how 1 Cor is addressed to a specific cultural situation ...

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A good conclusion reflects the introduction of the essay.  It goes back over the main points that you have made.  In this essay, then, your conclusion should go over the idea that God wants his people to enjoy sex in the proper context.  It should give your main reasons for coming to this conclusion.

If your main support for this is the passage from I Corinthians, then you should refer back to the most salient verses.  If you are bringing in the Tim Lane article that you were reading not too long ago, you should refer to it.  In addition, if you are going to use any references from popular culture to show that people think Christians are anti-sex, you should refer to them as well.

Do not just restate your introduction word for word, but do have your conclusion echo your introduction.  Remember, this is not the time to be bringing in new evidence.  It is just the time to remind your readers of what you said in your essay as a whole.

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