Identify essential information regarding The Natyashastra by Bharata Muni.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Muni's work is a statement of aesthetics in art.  Similar to Aristotle's Poetics, The Natyashastrastrives to articulate what art is and discuss the process of composing art.  In many regards  Indian drama, dance, and music has been heavily influenced and defined by Muni's work.  The Natyashastra seeks to define "the science and philosophy of fine art."

The text addresses different elements of this aesthetic.  In defining the technical craft of dramatic presentation, The Natyashastra speaks to how drama is to be presented, rendered to life by imitation of the artist, and how dramatic art is meant to please the Gods and the audience. The Natyashastra featured specific instruction to artists who compose endeavors to be appreciated and the actors or agents who are to bring these endeavors to life for all to see.  Bharata Muni was a sage who was asked by Lord Brahma to "popularize" this Vedic philosophy on Earth.  The ability to enable art as a retelling of the cosmology of being is an essential part of The Natyashrastra.

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