Please give me some ideas about how to make a working model of cyclone.Please give me some ideas about how to make a working model of cyclone.

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Professional does not have to be complicated. You can model a cyclone with colored water in 2 liter soda bottles. If you move the bottle quickly in a circle, it makes a pretty convincing model of a cyclone and will cost you next to nothing.
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When Scientific American used to have their (late lamented) Amateur Scientist feature I recall seeing a description of a "cyclone generator". I think it used two desk fans and a smoke source in a simple to build transparent tank.

This URL gets you to a place where you can buy every article they published for $25. A must for any budding inventor.

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How elaborate do you want or need for your working model of a cyclone to be? The answer to that question will have a major influence on which of these ideas might best serve your purposes.

If you have access to a portable hair dryer, you might use it as your source of wind. If you constructed some sort of clear container with an opening at the bottom to concentrate the moving air, you could place confetti or small toys (toy soldiers, dollhouse furniture, etc. - depending on how realistic you want your cyclone to look!) on the bottom surface of your container. Aim the hair dryer so that the "wind" blows counterclockwise.

Another possibility would be to use the vortex created by water when it flows from one soft drink bottle to another to illustrate the whirlpool-like effect of the cyclone. This would not give the effect of circling air, but would not require electricity for your model.

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First get a board of pine 1 foot by 1 foot 1/2 inch thick then a wooden dowel 1/4 inch . Start with dowel 18 inches long make a small tornado at first to get your mind in the same ZONE my creative MIND IS IN.Make sure when you drill small in middle of pine board you do it at an angle so dowel sticks up an out of hole on an angle leaning over to left or right like a moving Tornado. Then slice Gray White Black an Brown pieces of paper 1/4 inch as long as you can. First glue with Elmers paper glue a piece of the sliced paper to bottom of dowel at board , spin board an slowly work the paper around the dowel glueing it often going out an up so you make it grow up an out like a tornado adding different colors as you go.. Might help quite alot if you get tweezers so you can squeeze paper together when you glue to keep the circles tight an small as you go up. Once you start to glue you will catch on to what I am refering to. I do ORIGAMI an that is how I create a BEES HIVe so I can have one hanging from a branch with leaves I create , so I can have a BROWN BEAR with his face pushed into nest with GOLD paper represting HONEY dripping down an I glue little Black specks represting BEE'S on BEARS head an nest I create....HOPE this helps you Remember...." IMAGINATION IS EVERYTHING...View it in your mind an create it
hve fun!!