Please give me some sentences that have unfamiliar words, and please define the word.

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OK, here are some unusual words used in a sentence:

Middleton is one of many Elizabethan playwrights adumbrated by Shakespeare. (adumbrated:  overshadowed – compare “umbrella”)

I don’t agree with same-sex marriage, but I don’t want to cavil about it. (cavil:  argue fine points, disagree vociferously)

I am inundated with work. (inundated: swamped, covered over in waves – compare “undulations”)

His writing is too prolix for my taste.  (prolix: wordy, overwritten – compare “lexicon”)

What is your motivation in pursuing this case? (motivation: reason for acting, purpose – compare “motive”)

His blood turned the sea incarnidine. (incarnidine: red in color – compare “carmen”)

We formed an amalgamation of forces. (amalgamation: collection – compare “conglomeration”)

The study used an unusual epistemology.  (epistemology:  way of knowing, foundation of truth – compare “epistles”)

These words, some of Greek origin and some of Latin origin, are seldom used in conversation but occasionally in print. 


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