please give me a formula to find current liabilities,grade 9 accounting, balance sheet

yousafbhutta86 | Student

Current liabilities = Total Assets - Long term liabilities - Owner equity.

nikasho0100 | Student

Add all the short term debts as (Overdrafts, creditors, accruals, Short term loans ect)


Use the equation   

Current Liabilities = Current Assets - Working Capital

musani | Student

liabilities are debts or something that a business owes.

Current Liabilities are short term debts that has to be paid within a year by a business.

These often include:
Creditors/ Accounts payble
Accrued expenses
Income received in advance
propsed dividend

you can find current liabilities by adding all the short term debts of a business which have been describe above.

Or by subtacting Current assets from Working capital

Creditors/ Accounts payble--- are those people from whom a firm buy assets in credit or owe money to them.