Please give me a comparative study on the character-traits of Ralph, Jack and Simon and also of the Littluns in Lord of the Flies.I want to get the information to write an essay-type answer.

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As answers are limited here, a comparative study is not a possibility, but I can give you a few ideas.  In Lord of the Flies, Ralph is calm, uses his common sense about the fire, thoughtful as in his re-thinking about Piggy, and carefree at first but fights for dominance with Jack.  Jack is the former choir master, used to dominating, rebellious about the fire, fearful but hides it with paint and war chants, and in the end represents the slide into evil.  Simon is the mystical one who, as a loner, hides in the forest, is brave enough to go up to the dead paratrooper's body, and when killed, his body glows in its travel out to sea.  The Littluns are a collection of little boys who represent innocence and are basically untamed and followers.  You really need to go back to the novel to get a sense of what you see as character traits for the people you have chosen as I've given you only a touch for each.

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