Please provide an analysis of "Teenage Sky" by Rona Adshead.

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noahvox2 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Rona Adshead's "Teenage Sky" is a poem that divides into four stanzas of five lines each. The lines are unrhymed and each line has between seven and ten syllables. 

As the poem's title implies, the superficial theme of the poem is that the weather is fickle and moody like a teenage woman.

Throughout the poem, the author applies terms to the sky that are often associated with the stereotypical teenage female: "hesitant horizon"; "lipstick...sunrise"; "nubile hills" (evokes the image of a young woman's breasts); "unsure"; the sky is dressed in "denim blue"; "anorexic crescent moon"; "sulky pout"; "weeping clouds". 

The final stanza ends on a hopeful note; namely that the "teenage" sky is just the beginning of life and that the day of life has many more hours to come. The noon of life, for example, will bring about changes that will cause the woman/sky to "glow in your fulfillment".