Please give me an analysis of Bart Edelman's poem "Chemistry Experiment"?

epollock | Student

The language is basically middle and easy throughout the poem. The last five lines, for example, contain no elevated words, with the possible exception of “elementary.” The diction in lines 13–18 refers mainly to the people involved in the experiment and also to the “someone” down the hall together with the “hazardous waste crew.” The phrases “lickety-split” and “out of danger” are contrasted here. The first is everyday slang, or lingo. The second is more appropriate to an emergency room or operating room. The poem ends on the notion of “this sick feeling,” because the speaker still feels the danger and apprehension of the situation. The connection with the previous parts of the poem is that the present recollection of past danger is explained by the actual events of the disastrous experiment. One might suggest that the participants in the experiment do not maintain contact because they do not wish to relive the danger they faced and the chagrin they experienced.