Please give me 5 examples of how Mark Haddon uses irony in this novel.

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In the first scene of the book, Christopher discovers that their neighbor’s dog, Wellington, has been killed with a large garden fork. Christopher has Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism that is challenging but manageable. He likes mysteries and decides not only to solve the mystery of who killed the neighbor dog but also to write a book about it. This book, written and narrated by Christopher, is his chronicle of events. This is a book worth re-reading, especially to appreciate a number of scenes that are mysterious during the first read through and ironic on subsequent reads.

1. As the book progresses, Christopher eventually discovers that it was his own father who killed the neighbor’s dog. Early in the story, after the dog has been discovered, and Christopher has announced, to his father’s angry horror, that he intends to find out who did it, we have this scene:

Father was sitting on the sofa watching snooker on the television and drinking scotch. There were tears coming out of...

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