please give a detailed summary of birth by a j croninits urgent

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BIRTH Author-A.J.Cronin Andrew Manson, newly out of medical school had had a dispute with his girlfriend and was feeling very low while returning home. On reaching Home he saw Joe Morgon waiting for him restlessly. His wife was expecting the birth of his first child after twenty years of their marriage. The doctor was therefore necessary for the delivery. When Doctor Manson reached Joe Morgan’s house, he found Mrs. Morgon in labor pain. Mrs. Morgan’s mother, the midwife and the nurse were waiting for the birth of a baby eagerly. Mrs. Morgon was anaesthetized, and at the break of dawn a lifeless child was born. It seemed the child had witnessed asphyxia, pallida. The doctor immediately remembered a case which he had seen during his days in medical school. He immediately started working on the stillborn. He desperately wanted the child alive as so many people’s happiness depended on this child. So he started the special method of respiration and after half an hour of hard work he could breathe the air of success as he was able to save a life. This incident changed his whole future .Now he was a man with more confidence and courage than he had been a few hours ago.


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