Please give a detailed explanation of the topic of segregation in Othello and Three Weeks in a Helicopter.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

So are you asking how Othello and "Three Weeks in a Helicopter" show segregation?

I do not think that they exactly show segregation, but you can argue that they show the idea of racism and white supremacy.

In Brave New World we do not really see much about race.  But here in this chapter, we see evidence that race is important in this society.  One of the major concerns of racist whites over the years has been that black men (who they thought were oversexed) would try to have sex with white women.  They thought this was really bad for society.

In the feelie, we see that the idea of interracial sex is being used this way again.  The movie is supposed to be antisocial because the two are having sex only with one another for this time period.  But then Huxley chooses to have the man be black so as to emphasize how deviant this behavior is.

Othello, of course, is about a black man married to a white woman, and shows the same discomfort with the idea of interracial sex.

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