please give a critical assessment of "India a Fable" in "The Meaning of India" by Raja Rao?

dnguha | Student

 The narrator ( who is thye author himself) speaks about the India of the forests and the Ganges( The Reality) with its elephants and goddesses to a small French boy whom he meets in Luxembourg and dreams of the Arabian desert with its Oasis and Camels. The boy has a romantic illusion as a means of escape from the wasteland of the present. The theme is indicated by the epigraph:- " Non-duality alone is auspicious". The theme of the Feminine Principle as a guide to  the  ultimate Realisation is stressed in the repeated references to Queen Anne of Austria, the boy's mother, nurses and marriage. The west is represented by the small boy and the east by a thoughtful adult suggests the author's evaluation of the relative spiritual development of the two societies.

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