To Sir, with Love Questions and Answers
by E. R. Braithwaite

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Please give a character sketch for Pamela Dare in the novel To Sir, with Love.

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Pamela Dare is one of the female students in Thackeray's challenging class.  She is looked at as the female leader, the girls' counterpart to Denham.  While she is fairly instrumental in the class' early attempts to thwart Thackeray from his hopes, she is immediately won over when Thackeray adopts the new approach of working with the class as young adults.  She seems to develop a crush on Mr. Thackeray, as he becomes one of the first adults to actually develop a sincere approach to her life.  She evolves and begins to rally the girls' in support of Thackeray.  When her mother comes in to speak to Thackeray about her behavior at home, Thackeray's relationship with Pamela is challenged when he suggests that Pamela has to respect the word of her mother. Pamela feels betrayed as she feels he has "sold her out" to the establishment.   In the final analysis, Pamela, as well as the rest of the class, does not stay angry at him for much longer.  They all rally towards him, most notably Pamela, whose crush on Thackeray is evident.  She dances with him in the final dance, and hopes he will stay on as a teacher so that she can come to visit.

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meghana1 | Student
Pamela is a student who always supported braithwaite. The specific girl who acted in this movie is his own grand daughter...