Please give a character sketch for Mr. Florian in To Sir, with Love.

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Headmaster Florian is your typical school administrator.  He is not necessarily against the students, but understands that the students are an active group that drove the last teacher to leave.  He is a bit leery of Braithwaite's desire to really work with the kids on a real world level and treat them as adults.  He is not as jaded as the other teachers that are in the staff room that deride the students, but he is the one who is left to clean up all of the messes that the students make.  He understands the challenges in working with the kids.  He is the one who understands that they are rejects from other schools and that this rejection has cast an impression of being discarded, something they project onto themselves and the adults who have worked with them.  At the same time, he also understands that this is precisely what makes it difficult to work with them.  Florian's administrative position creates a sense of distance between he and the children.  This is precisely what we get from Florian throughout the work, in that he is distant from the children, examining the issues of liability and challenge than anything else.  Certainly, the ending where Braithwaite's efforts had paid off encourages him to believe in what can be done.

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