please give a character sketch of guru nayak in the story "an astrologer's day"

sukhmanjeetkaur | Student

The second most important character in the story is Guru Nayak. He was also young quarrelsome fellow like Astrologer.Once the strologer and Guru Nayak had bloody quarrel in which guru Nayak was seriously injured. Astrologer took him dead , he pushed Guru Nayak into a well and ran from that place. Astrologer had a fear of police he left that place and settled in another town. Guru Nayak wanted to search his enemy and to kill him. once they met at dusk but that place lack of lights so he failed to recognised astrologer as his enemy but the astrologer seen him when he litted his cheerot then he started paying tricks with Guru nayak. Guru nayak being gullible and befooled by the astrologer, he believed each and every word of astrologer. He felt relieved that his enemy had been crushed under a lorry. Guru nayak gratified to hear it. He bids a happy farewell to the astrologer.

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