Please give any suggestions for an on-line study guide for The Land by Mildred Taylor. I need worksheets and activities.

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe that you are asking for resources on The Land which you can find on-line and print off?

As an editor on eNotes, I have linked the summary to the information our site has on "The Land." While I know this is not exactly what you need, it will help with a summary of the text and examination of the characters and themes for which you will need to focus upon during the unit.

Outside of that, I checked the eNotes documents and there have yet to be any material posted for the text.

After researching the information you are requesting, these are the following sites which offer the most comprehensive guides.

1. Emporia offers discussion questions and activities to use with the novel.

2. Scholastic offers a complete unit breakdown for the text. This site offers a suggested unit to follow and states student objectives.

3. TeacherVision also offers a comprehensive guide to the novel which offers study / discussion questions and links to history (providing cross-curricular aspects).

Read the study guide:
The Land

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