Please giveanĀ  example of how a Human Resource Department could attract and develop an effective workforce.

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Although globally, unemployment remains relatively high, not having recovered from the economic downturn of the past four years, there is still a global shortage of highly skilled employees in specific technical fields. Thus Human Resource Departments need to be proactive in recruiting and developing their labour force in certain areas.

One example of a method to simultaneously attract and develop an expert workforce involves campus partnerships. By offering students internships, HR can locate potentially excellent employees before they are on the job market, and place them strategically to develop their skills. Long term internships, including perhaps tuition reimbursement for graduate studies, works as both a recruitment (attracting) and development tool.

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Additional to what has been said above by thanatassa, another critical aspect of having a Human Resource Management team within a company is peace of mind for the employees.

In case of trouble, misunderstanding or insecurities, there is a specialised team within the company that is willing to attend their needs and provide support. This plays a crucial role in the mindset of an employee working within the company, as it allows them to be reassured that there is help, if needed.

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