Please finish the story and give it a suitable title.

Please finish the story and give it a suitable title.

John woke up to realise that his summer vacations has begun. He got off his bed and went for breakfast. He was wondering on how to spend his holidays when his mother reminded him to finish his breakfast fast..!! Soon the doorbell rang and yes!! His friends were there. They all proceeded towards playground to play football. It was an awesome match and had never finishing rounds. It stretched till evening 6. The sun was about to set in few minutes. “Hey friends lets end the match!!” Said John. Mom must be furious today he thought. While going home they passed a rubble house. Quite strange and eerie, but John wanted to explore the house before anyone stops. Few steps and he would be near to a house where he smelt a kind of adventure. OMG!! The house was completely in bad shape and nothing was visible.” I am a fool to expect anything from this..” he grumbled. “Let me go out or will have to face the adventure at my home!!!”.. He said to himself. But God had some other plan for him, while moving out from broken floor and fallen things his legs got tangled in something and a HUGE sound of his falling flat on the floor was echoed. He got up frowning on his foolish thought to leave friends and stay he was now scared too. But his eye caught up into a big black leather thing. It was not a leather but a big diary. He picked up curiously and looked here and there, “Well I think its not wrong to pick something which has no owner..” he thought and without any guilt came out of the house and rushed to his home. “Mom I am back..I will not watch TV as I have wasted my time today…am going to my room to study, would you please call me for the dinner when ready..”? He went inside and locked the door. And he was imagining so many things as he expected the Diary to be useful for something interesting. The first page of the diary said about the owner of the diary..It was Steve, studying in St. Florence school. The boy had written something like this “ I am Steve. My mother died in an air crash and father married another woman soon. She does not love me. “ “Today she hurt me and abused me when my father was not there. I am staying here like a prisoner”. “I wish my mother would send an angel to save me from my step mom. My father doesn’t like me anymore too.” John felt sad and decided to help this boy. Next morning John shared with his friends and they planned for locating Steve and helping him out. Day 1: John and gang went to the rubble house once more and tried to find any other clue. Then they tried to talk to the neighbours about the family. After talking to few finally one family shared the new address of Steve. Day 2: ...

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eNotes prevents writers from actually finishing student assignments, but I can offer some guidance based on the initial story that you have set up. John is on summer vacation, so he has time to do a significant amount of investigating. The exposition has introduced your readers to John and his conflict. He wants to find Steve and offer some kind of help, but he is not sure how to accomplish this task. The other conflict that has been introduced to readers is the conflict that exists for Steve. He is dealing with a family and home life that is falling apart around him. He is being abused at home and no longer feels emotionally loved and cared for.

Your "Day 1" ends with John having gotten a little bit of information about where Steve went after the house where his journal was found. Day 2 needs to have John taking the next step to find Steve. You need to make a decision about where Day 1's info is going to lead John. Is Steve's new address across town or significantly far away? My recommendation is to make Steve be far away. This will force additional conflict on John. He will have to figure out how to travel these great distances and perhaps even get permission from his own family. Maybe finding Steve and helping him is so important that John decides to run away with one of his friends to find Steve. Have Day 2 wrestle with these issues. John should make the decision by noon, and then the second half of the day can be John and his friend obtaining the necessary supplies, money, etc. that they need to make their weeklong trip.

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