please explan how you could set up a test on people’s sense of smell, touch and hearing

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First, you would need to define exactly what you wanted to test regarding each of these senses. For the sense of smell, for example, are you trying to determine if people can simply tell which of two items has an odor and which does not? Are you evaluating people's ability to identify different spices when they are blindfolded so they can only smell samples?

Once you determine what it is you want to test, you can set up your testing arrangement, which will depend upon what you need to measure. For example, if you are evaluating people's ability to detect different temperatures as part of their sense of touch, you might have each test subject sit at a desk that has four heating pads laid out on the desk top. The subject would not be able to see the controls for the heating pads, so would try to use sense of touch to determine which pad was off, which was on at the lowest setting, which at the medium setting, and which at the hottest setting.

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