Please explain "The Woman's Rose" by Olive Schreiner.Please explain "The Woman's Rose" by Olive Schreiner.

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I could answer your question better if you would be more specific, but let me give this a try.  I'm assuming you just want some general statement as to what this short story is about.

This is generally seen as a feminist story.  The main message of the story is that all women are sisters and that they should and do stand in solidarity against men.

In the small town, the narrator and the other woman are the only white women in the town so all the white men compete for their attention.  When the narrator first arrives, there seems to be tension between the two.  This tension is mainly the fault of the men who are sort of setting up a competition between the two.

But at the end, we see that the two women are not competing.  We see that they both understand that they are sisters.  They see each other as beautiful and they care more about that than about what the men think.

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Explain the irony in the conclusion and the way in which the reader is manipulated in "The Woman's Rose" of Olive Schreiner.


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Well actually I wanted a sort of critical commentary.You see to me,the 'affection' seems a little farfetched.A rose after all,is a symbol of love rather than sisterhood.Isn't the woman discarding men as a whole when she says they are 'creatures?'

And it also comes across as a very very feminist story bordering on anti-male beliefs.Please post your comments.

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