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In what ways is the text characteristic of its genre and in what ways does it deviate from genre conventions? The 'text' can be found in this link:  

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This article is an example of a news magazine article.  News Magazines provide additional information on timely current events.  In this case, the article focuses on the investigation and interrogation of the 2013 Boston Marathon bomber.  This would certainly be a current event.

A news magazine should focus on mainly the facts.  For example, when the article discusses interrogation, it does not pass judgment.

Setting aside moral and ethical issues, they say inflicting pain is rarely a good interrogation strategy.

One way this article conforms to the news magazine genre is that it adds additional information related to a current event.  However, it also deviates from the news formula by including mostly commentary on interrogation techniques and very little actual information about the case.

News magazines will usually include some quotations, but this one is almost a transcript of an interview with commentary.  Most of the article is quotations from the sources.  There is very little addition.