Please explain what the "get tough" movement means in the juvenile justice system.

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The "get tough" policy was largely a product of the Nixon administration, in which a specially formed policy team overhauled the systems of policing, the courts, and the prisons to increase rates of incarceration. It was particularly increased in the areas of organized crime and illegal drugs. The latter area had by far the most drastic effect on the juvenile justice system, bringing into prisons large numbers of non-violent drug users who had no previous experience of the system.

In its early years at the beginning of the twentieth century, the juvenile justice system focused on rehabilitation and treatment. It aimed to provide young offenders with education and supervision. This policy was pursued for pragmatic, economic, and humanitarian reasons, since it was regarded as a waste of a life from both an individual and a social perspective that anyone who did not pose a serious risk to society should spend his or her life within the prison system. In the "get tough" era, the juvenile...

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