Please explain this passage in Jane Austen's Emma: "To Mr. John Knightley was she indebted ....... to ......and little concerned about the feelings of others" .(page 127, ch. 16)

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although this passage is written in the third person, Jane Austen’s narrator is giving us a view of Emma Woodhouse’s interior monologue. Emma has just realized that her matchmaking is a failure and the Mr. Elton was not interested in marrying her protégé, Harriet, but rather in marrying herself. She finally understands that Mr. Knightley was correct in assuming that Mr. Elton would never make a marriage that was not advantageous for him, and in fact was attempting to marry up in class. She then realizes that she has been wrong and Knightley right about Elton’s character.