Please explain Rowdy and his personality from The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.Who in his past has made him the way he is?  

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Rowdy is one of Junior's closest friends and the two have been that way since they were very little.

Rowdy is big and tall and exerts his physical strength over many of his peers. Rowdy has a reputation for venting his anger and frustration by beating up other kids; he is a bully in many people's minds. Rowdy's home life is the source of much of his anger. His father is a abusive alcoholic that constantly directs the same bully-like behavior toward Rowdy that Rowdy directs towards others.

Junior and Junior's home life has always offered a kind of sanctuary for Rowdy. A place where he can escape his father's abuse. Because of this, Rowdy has always looked after and protected Junior from others. When Junior decides to transfer to Reardan, however, Rowdy feels slighted and as though Junior is walking away from him and their shared history. Their friendship suffers because of this and is never quite the same.

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