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Please explain the relationship between language and society. examples of  routine life would be appreciated....

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Language and Society are completely interdependent of each other. It is language what connects and unifies society. In the same token, Society is what nests, feeds, and nurtures a language. In all, we create our communication based on what we see and perceive around us in the society where we interact. The field of sociolinguistics studies the way in which language changes as a result of changes that occur in society. This entails that language and society are intertwined and that one affects the other.

Think about the changes in our language usage when new words are introduced as technology advances in society. As little as 3 years ago in 2009, the word "tablet" had a completely different meaning than it has today. In 1991, Apple was the first to switch the meaning of the word "book" and used it to refer to one of its first laptops. Even the word "notebook" has a double meaning today in both the analog and the digital world.

Now, think about the changes in everyday routine language and how it changes by association. According to the Accommodation Theory, everybody has a tendency to switch their language usage to "accommodate" or fit within a situation. Therefore, chances are that, as you change acquaintances, your language usage will reflect these changes. Intellectuals have their own way of speaking; the urban society communicates in its own tone and pragmatics. The manner in which you talk reflects the society with which you connect. This is what causes the so-called "generation gaps" which are actually more socially than chronologically-based. In not so many words, society and language simply mirror each other.

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