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Please explain the psychological purpose of the human  endeavor to satisfy physical needs.

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Everyone wants the best in life and we strive to provide the best for our families and ourselves based on opportunities and facing challenges.

Physical needs fall within the category of physiological needs but, if we fail to achieve, this will have a direct affect on our psychological well-being; so, while physical needs take care of the body, they are intrinsicly  linked with the satisfaction of psychological and 'true' needs.

Sometimes overanalysing can be counter-productive and a return to the basics is necessary. Ensuring that a person's physical needs are met can, in itself be fulfilling and this in turn meets a psychological need and increases self-esteem. Similarly, failure to satisfy physical needs can lead to anger and frustration - and the psychological effect of that is apparent and violent outbursts are not unusual.

Touch is a physical need but has far-reaching consequences from a psychological perspective if it is not met or if it is abused. Shelter is a physical need but it can cause self-esteem issues and has health implications if a person has no shelter.

Depression can result from not satisfying any physical need - obviously creating a psychological problem.

The human brain is a complex organ and try as we might it is not always possible to anticipate reactions to various events or occurrences.

New technologies, which have produced visual images of the human brain at work, have allowed psychologists to study exactly where specific types of mental processes occur

Hence, any psychological study helps in the understanding of humans and  being able to understand better helps us to help others in their quest to satisfy physical needs and in understanding how physical needs do affect other aspects of the character and personality.

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