Please explain Nazism.

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Nazism was a political ideology that followed the ideas of fascism.  It arose in Germany in the years after WWI and became powerful in the early 1930s.

The basic Nazi idea was that all people in Germany should resemble one another as closely as possible.  They should all believe the same things and have the same racial background.  This united German people was supposed to coalesce and follow one leader.  Nazism is not democratic.  It holds that one person should be a dictator because of his superior abilities and will.  In Nazi Germany that person was, of course, Adolf Hitler.

Thus, Nazism was a totalitarian and fascist political ideology that promoted unity among the people and obedience to the leader.

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Nazism, I believe to be classified as pure hate of the Jews by Hitler.  Hitler was a Jew, but i believe that something happened to him as a child that caused him to hate Jews for the rest of his life. 

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