How might one explain the meaning of envy and link it to the contents of Christopher Marlowe's play Doctor Faustus?

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Envy is the act of resenting the good fortune, power, health, or appearance (among other things) of other people. It also includes the act of wishing away those good qualities from those who possess them. It may even involve wishing other people ill only because they are happy, or fortunate. Regardless of how it is expressed, envy often stems from an emotional feeling of inadequacy that comes a consequence of making social, financial, or physical comparisons. 

The character of Doctor Faustus is rife with envy. Although he does not say it directly in the text, it is obvious that Faustus does nothing but compare himself with everyone around him, even with God, himself. He consistently wonders about how much smarter, well-liked, powerful, and worthy he could become, in comparison to his peers, and even in comparison to people much more powerful than he. This is why envy motivates him to acts of greed, one of them, to commit the unthinkable act of partnering with the devil to obtain whatever...

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