Please explain how the greenhouse effect works on

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Venus has an atmosphere that is 96% carbon dioxide.  The heat is trapped in the atmosphere, it can't escape to allow for the plant to cool naturally.  As the Sun heats up the surface, that heat is absorbed by the gases and radiated back to the surface.

"Venus has no ocean. Venus is covered by thick, rapidly spinning clouds that trap surface heat, creating a scorched greenhouse-like world with temperatures hot enough to melt lead and pressure so intense that standing on Venus would feel like the pressure felt 900 meters deep in Earth's oceans."

"These clouds reflect sunlight in addition to trapping heat. Because Venus reflects so much sunlight, it is usually the brightest planet in the night sky."  

"Venus provides a perfect example of the greenhouse effect. Heat from the Sun penetrates the planet's atmosphere and reaches the surface. The heat is then prevented from escaping back into space by atmospheric carbon dioxide (similar to heat in a greenhouse)."

"The result is that Venus has a surface temperature of 900°F (482°C), even hotter than that of Mercury, the closet planet to the Sun."

Wiggin42 | Student

The greenhouse effect works on Venus in the same way that it works on Earth. Venus has an atmosphere that is 92 times more dense than Earth's atmosphere because it composed of mostly carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas which means its very effect at trapping the sun's thermal energy that strikes a planet.

astrosonuthird | Student

The greenhouse effect on Venus is that it is very hot there to sustain life of living things like plants (as you want to know)


There in the day time it is 482 degree celsius. And 96% of its atmosphere is carbon-dioxide.


Plants can't grow there, it is impossible.


The temperature of venus will fry the plant.

astrosonuthird | Student

The venus is the hottest planet in our solar system, and it is impossible there to sustain life because about 96% of carbon-dioxide is there which definetly effects the greenhouse in Venus. In its day time it is 482 degree celcius.


Ahh! It will fry the plants.

ahmado12 | Student

The atmosphere is 96.5% CO2 and with virtually no water (very different from Earth). The surface pressure is about 90 times higher than on Earth. At this pressure, CO2 is highly absorbing both at 15 microns and near 5 microns = 5000nm. With a surface temperature of about 730K, by Wien's law the emission peak is close to 5000 nm. This process makes the atmosphere incredibly hot and maintains the high surface temperature.