Please explain how an employee can be intrinsically motivated, extrinsically motivated, or both depending on the factors in their job situation?

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Much of what will be featured here is going to be dependent on specific circumstances.  I think that an employee can be intrinsically motivated if they believe the organization and the mission statement.  If there is a sincere belief that the organization or endeavor is right and correct in its basic assertions and how it advances these ideas, employees can be intrinsically motivated to work well.  Along these lines, I think that intrinsic motivation could be present if an employee simply has a good work ethic.  This would be where human resources ends up having to do an effective job in screening applicants and recognizing this trait in applicants.  External motivation can come down to money as a primary element.  If an organization has some type of rewards program that helps to enhance the external motivation that shows success, this, too, would help employees work better in an external setting.

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