Please explain: How does Gatsby protect Daisy in regards to the Myrtle Wilson situation?

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scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Myrtle Wilson is killed, Daisy was driving Gatsby's car that hit her. After the accident, Gatsby drops Daisy off at home, waits anxiously and futily for her to give him some sort of signal, and then goes home.  He knows that eye witnesses might naturally connect Myrtle's death with him because there are not many people in the are who drive a car likes his Rolls Royce.  He's willing to take care of everything and to take the blame for everything.

When Nick goes by Wilson's garage and sees what has happened, he assumes that Gatsby did kill Myrtle.  However, the day after the murder when he talks to Gatsby, Gatsby slips up about grabbing the wheel, and Nick discovers that Daisy was driving.  Gatsby makes him promise not to say anything.

Later, Nick infers that George Wilson gets Gatsby's name as the owner of the car from Tom Buchanan and cannot stomach to see or talk to Tom at the novel's end. Whether Tom knew who was driving the car is inconsequential because Tom and Daisy would have stuck together in their "cocoon of wealth" despite everything, and Tom knew that by giving Wilson Gatsby's name, that he was placing Gatsby's life in the hands of a mad man.

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