Please explain how Gatsby protects Daisy with his own life from being accused of murdering Myrtle.

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Even though Daisy was driving Gatsby's car when she ran over Myrtle, Gatsby allows Wilson to think that he was driving the car. Tom Buchanan reinforces that belief to Wilson. To further protect Daisy, Gatsby goes to her house and stands watch outside in order to protect her from Tom. Nick warns Gatsby that his car will eventually be identified as the car that ran over Myrtle but Gatsby refuses to give up his romantic ideals about Daisy. Eventually, Wilson, believing it was Gatsby who ran over his wife, tracks Gatsby down at his swimming pool and kills Gatsby and then murders himself. This allows Daisy to escape all the consequences of Myrtle's death.

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